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Welcome to Driven by Publishing, formerly known as Ericka Emends. You deserve to be congratulated for being an author or becoming an author. Congratulations!

Here at Driven by Publishing, we professionally edit and ghostwrite manuscripts, novels, and books of all sorts for self-publishing and traditional publishing. Trust me, digital editing software will only get your manuscript so far. You will need a human touch with driven emotions to assist you with content editing, writing style, and manuscript critiques. We’ve worked with writers, CEOs, and authors worldwide. Our projects vary; every client is just as important as our last.

Our most recent editing projects involved community activists, powerhouses like Kwame Johnson, the Big Brothers, and Big Sisters program CEO in ATL Georgia, along with American actress and producer Malinda Williams.

Yet our most precious clients are aspiring writers and authors like yourself. Ericka, the owner, author, editor, and writer behind Driven by Publishing, believes in honest, creative, and affordable editing services to help you excel in your dreams and portray a good story. All genres are welcome including memoirs, self-help, science fiction, mystery, romance, fantasy, thriller, fairy tale, drama, adventure fiction, short story, magical realism….and much more.

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What Clients Say

"She did a great job and even finished before the deadline. Has great communication skills and very professional. I would recommend her to anybody who wants to perfect their writing!"
Gerald W.
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